The Central Public Historical Library of Ioannina ?Zosimaia? is a public entity, under the Ministry of Education.
It is housed in a traditional building in the city center, at the intersection of Marcus Mpotsari and Eleftherios Venizelos streets, where formerly (after 1618) there was a mosque named ?Mehmet Aga? or ?Lelipara and Katsios?. The construction of the new building dates from the early 20th century. In the early stages it was a single storey building, designed by Pericles Melirrytos (1870-1937), to be used as city public baths. This use was maintained until the 60?s. Later, the building was reformed and a floor was added by the benefactor John Kamperis (1924-1996) to house the  Library “Zosimaia”.

The collection, today, includes manuscripts from the 12th to the 19th century,  more than 100,000 book titles,  30,000 of which are incunabula, 350 titles of periodicals (current and previous centuries), maps, music records, video tapes, CD-Roms and DVDs. The majority of the printed and audio-visual material of the library is cataloged in the ? ABEKT 5.6 for Windows?.

The collection of the Library Zosimaia also includes records, donated by private collectors. A representative sample of donated private collections includes the following: Sp. Lambrou, V.Voila, Archimandrite Antoniadis, K.B.Ikonomou, Al. Palli, Christos and Georgios Soulis, Nick. Dosiou, K. Krystalli.
The Epirus Literature Collection with periodical publications and monographs, is remarkable and  covers a wide range of topics which act as a magnet for scholars of the local culture.

Services offered:

  • Loan Department for adults and children.
  • Reading Department for adults and children.


The Reading Room of the Library

  • Reading  incunabula and manuscripts.
  • Copying and reproduction of the library material.
  • Free Internet access.
  • Computer Center for People with Disabilities.
  • Educational programs for primary and secondary education students.
  • Events – Exhibitions – Cultural activities.
  •  Volunteering opportunities for students.
  • Cooperation with libraries and other organizations.

Call Center Service

Citizens can contact us by telephone at 261072863, on working days and hours, for information about the library (timetable, collections, etc.) and renewing and extending library loans.

Citizens? complaints:

If you have a complaint about the service or the functioning of the library you can write or e-mail us at the addresses below:

a) Post. N / Address: Zosimaia Central Public Historical Library of IoanninaBotsari & El., 45 444, Ioannina

b) E-mail: zosimaialib@sch.gr