History – Mission

Brief history

The library was established more than 180 years ago.
In 1828, the brothers Zosima, founded a school (named ?Zosimaia? after them) and created a library in it.
In 1938 this Library was detached  from  School ?Zosimaia? and was merged in the Library of the Greek Orthodox Community. With the emergency Law 1161/1938 it was converted into an independent library under the name ?Zosimaia in Epirus Library?.
In 1940, with the outbreak of the Second World War, it suspended operations and reopened in 1959.

Since 1987, by Ministerial order, it has been subject to the generally applicable provisions of Law 1362/49, as ?Zosimaia, Public, Central Library of Ioannina? and relocated in the building in which it is housed until today.
In 2004, with a declaratory act of the Ministry, the designation ?historic? was added to its name.

Mission and Objectives

The Central Public Historical Library of Ioannina ?Zosimaia? is a contact – information center and provides various services through its relevant sections. It responds to the informational, informative, educational and cultural needs of the public. It has archival material (newspapers, magazines etc.) of a local nature and includes, in its collection, items concerning the local history, in order to meet information needs at local issues.

It aims at the promotion of reading, knowledge management, the preservation and promotion of local cultural heritage, the support of the educational process by applying the policy of the Ministry of Education with a view to serving the users by using new technologies.

Projects implemented or to be implemented, as a Legal Person Governed by Public Law  of the Ministry of Education:

? ?Support of educational practices by mobile libraries? (Operational Program “Education and Initial Vocational Training? of the 2nd CSF).

? ?Completion of Mobile Libraries projects? (Operational Program ?Upgrading the quality of education? of the 3rd CSF).

? ?Creation of Public Information Centers? (Operational Program ?Information Society?, Measure 1.1 “Equipment and networking at all levels of Education? of the 3rd CSF).

? ?Supply of Computer and Special Equipment for the Disabled in Public Libraries? (Operational Program ?Information Society?, Project ?Supply of Computer and Special Equipment for: 1. School Units of Secondary Education, and Special Education 2. Strengthening disabled students3. Public and Municipal Libraries ?of the 3rd CSF).

? Act ?Internship of Students of the University of Ioannina? (Operational Program ?Education and Lifelong Learning?, NSRF 2007-2013).

? Act ?Student Practice Exercise of Ionian University? (Operational Program “Education and Lifelong Learning?, NSRF 2007-2013).

? Acquisition Work Experience Acquisition Program in Public Libraries and the General State Archives (Labor Employment Office).

? Material Digitization for Public Libraries (Operational Program? Information Society Act? Digitizing Material Public Libraries ?Action Category 1:? Digital Educational Content and Software ?Subclass of Actions 4:? Material Digitization for Public Libraries?, MEASURE 1.2? Introduction and Exploitation of new Technologies in Education?).