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Online Services

Using the Internet

The Library enables access to the Internet in the library. Such access is determined by the Internal Regulation of the Library.

Public Information Centre

The creation and operation of the Public Information Centre in the Public Central Historical Library of Ioannina ?Zosimaia? is part of the Operational Program “Information Society”, in cooperation with other actions, such as: Support of Educational Act by Mobile Libraries, eliminating disparities in the educational system between center and periphery, digitization of the material.

The Centre, which is located on the upper floor of the Library, is open to all residents and visitors of the prefecture and the wider region, to all those who have access to the Internet and those who, for various reasons cannot leave their home. For their convenience there are 12 computers, 1 scanner and two printers

It aims to:

– eliminate disparities in educational and information system between center and periphery.

–  integrate citizens of the region into the Information Society.

– familiarize citizens with the library and the information services and offer access to knowledge.

– ‘Lifelong learning’ and information extraction training.

– offer access to the services of public libraries for people in remote areas.

– increase the use of libraries.

– familiarize citizens with new technologies.

 – train users to the wider library services.

– multiply the development of the material and services of the Central Library

– connect the local society with national and international information centers

– increase the access points of other specialized information centers (by getting connected with them) eg. Citizen Service Centers, Information Centers, Employment Agency etc.

– integrate people threatened with social exclusion in the Information Society.

Access to the Public Information Centre of the Library is free and open to users – members of the library following the opening hours of the Library.

Catalogues and online resources

You can do online research in the catalogues of books and catalogues of digital material in our library.

Special computer equipment for the disabled

Under the subproject 6: “Acquisition of computer equipment, special for disabled people in public libraries” of the project: “Acquisition of computer equipment special for disabled people in public libraries”, in our library there are  supporting technologies covering a wide range of services, appliances and software that facilitate communication for people with disabilities (alternative keyboards, magnifying display devices, monitors and printers in Braille, translation software from / to Braille etc.)


The Library provides wireless internet access.