Children?s Department

The Children’s Department of the Library was established and first opened in 1987, in the building that now houses the Library ?Zosimaia?. It is adapted to the needs of children and the material collection follows the instructions contained in the Collection Management Policy. The operation of the children’s department is a key concern of the Library as it is the key driver which will form its future readers.


The Children’s Department:

– organizes an annual Children’s Book Exhibition for the celebration of the International Children’s Book Day (April 2, Hans Christian Andersen?s birthday), as well as various educational and recreational activities (see. Events Zosimaia Library)

– organizes free activity days, concerning current issues (eg peace, ecology etc.), in collaboration with schools and other institutions of the city. (see. Events Zosimaia Library)

– invites students at all levels of education and groups from various institutions to visit it in order to get information and participate in free activities with the help of the library staff.

– since September 2011 it collaborates with  high schools in the city of Ioannina and the wider region, on innovative projects with a view to encouraging .

Educational Programmes for Children of the Primary and the Secondary Education

The Programmes address schools of Primary and Secondary Education, as well as childcare centres for preschool and school age children. Teachers and heads of institutions, interested in participating in the above activities can contact the Secretariat of the Central Public Historical Library of Ioannina ?Zosimaia? during working days and hours.

Programs that have been implemented:

“The Librarian of Basra” – Dramatization of the story

Through narration and their active participation in the dramatization of a true story, school children were made partakers of the value of books, traveled to a magic world, while, at the same time, their creativity and expressiveness were stimulated

“The treasure of Book-rat”

The active narration and dramatization of the story of Book-rat, born and raised in a library, among well-known heroes of fairy tales, has improved the psychomotor expression of the children and instilled in them a love for reading, in a natural and enjoyable way.

“The Alphabet of books” (text by Angeliki Varella)

An A, a B, a C, …  welcome children into the Alphabet of the books and creatively end up sending their own message to all the children of the world.

“The fisherman’s son “

The children were acquainted with an anecdotal traditional tale through an experiential workshop, which resulted in an impressive “publishing” work of the students of D΄, E΄and F΄ classes of Stavraki primary school of Ioannina.

?From paper … to the book”

Students had the chance to come in contact with the conservation workshop, the profession of the conservator-restorer of books and bookbinder and come into direct and creative contact with the craft of book conservation and restoration as well as bookbinding.

Programs implemented in the school year 2012-2013:

“The lady giraffe is wise” (love for reading)

?Young Librarians?

“Getting to know the 12 gods of Olympus” (mythology for young children)

“The myth of Persephone” (mythology for older children)

“An almond tree …”, children?s developing an acquaintance with poetry.

Celebration of the 100th anniversary of the liberation of Ioannina

From Linear A to the Digital World: The evolution of the Library through the centuries.


The material of the Children’s Department covers all age groups (from infancy to adolescence).

In the room of the children?s department there are computers for educational and entertaining games as well as for information. Their use is free.

The visitors are about 2/3 of the student community of Ioannina, and mainly students of pedagogical schools of the county.

Membership cards of the children?s department are issued free of charge for children of all ages. A parent or a guardian will need to produce an identification document and fill in an application form.